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Spiritualvegan's Blog My Expanded Profile & Additional Information About Me
Posted by Spiritualvegan on 2014-03-21 11:11:41.

I believe very strongly in the concept of karma. I am seeking someone who shares the same overall values, and moral and spiritual outlook that I do. In essence, I am a vegan for moral, spiritual, ethical, and health reasons and I am seeking the same. As far as spiritual beliefs and personal lifestyle are concerned, I believe in living a lifestyle that is as close to nature as possible, and I believe in practicing the concept of self-sufficiency and adherence to the physical, spiritual, moral, and... No comments



Werewolfjim's Blog Chinese Recipes for Cooking Chinese Food
Posted by Werewolfjim on 2012-02-04 13:12:42.

China. It is a land steeped in ancient history and a culture fill with wonders and excitement. The traditional meal time in China is usually surrounded by family members where meals are prepared in a variety of dishes accompanied by rice or noodles. Each dish has a special meaning. For example, during special occassions such as birthdays or weddings, noodles represent 'long life', bamboo shoots to mean 'wealth', eggs for 'fertility', even fruits such as lychees to mean 'close family ties' and tangerines... No comments



Werewolfjim's Blog The Gold Colt and the Fire Dragon Shirt
Posted by Werewolfjim on 2012-02-02 09:25:21.

A Han Folktale There once lived a landlord who loved money as he loved his own life. In his eyes the smallest coin seemed as large as a millstone. He was always on the lookout for some new way of making money and was very mean to his peasant tenants. They all called him "Skinflint." One year a long spell of drought devastated the area, ruining the entire crop. The peasants, who were used to living from year to year, and never had a reserve of grain to fall back on, were reduced to eating bark... No comments



Snobol4's Blog Writing, a labor of love?
Posted by Snobol4 on 2009-01-26 11:00:27.

Being middle aged, I frequently find myself examining my goals in life. I’d like to express in some capacity, the motivational drive which compels me to write. At least in my own mind, I am an aspiring author and artist. As such, I write short stories with the intent to make others feel emotions influenced by my individual perspective on life. Frequently it’s with the hope of making people laugh, other times to feel sadness, or anger.... One comment



Handyandy's Blog Hey
Posted by Handyandy on 2008-12-08 08:38:03.

This is the latest dating site I have joined. I have tried other ones and they didn't work. I'm counting on this one to work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 2 comments



Posted by Velnski on 2008-05-12 00:16:52.

Why U (Men/Women) born on Earth ? For what purpose ? And what U are doing ? For every human's failure behind LAZYNESS Remove lazy izam sucsess in Ure way.Lazyness makes U biggest fools in this Society.1st What U did for ure self. 2nd What U did for Ure Family.3rd what U did for Ure Life Partner.4th What U did for Ure Friends.5th What U did for Society.6th what U did for Ure Motherland(COUNTRY).7th what U did for Ure WORLD PEOPLE.8th What U did for Ure GOD who has given U chance to live as Humans... 2 comments



Velnski's Blog WHAT IS ANGRY ?
Posted by Velnski on 2008-05-11 23:44:49.

Angry is not good but it is work for some issues of LIFE.....! It would be dis-advantage for everytime become the ANGRY.when a boy or girl not listen again again and explaining after their pairents need to Angry otherwise children would spoil themselves.Some fools say don't anger be cool and paitence till how much if their is no result getting lot of hard work.After all we are humans not ANGELS or DIETY's if every one become the GUATAM BUDDHA This EARTH become the next heaven of the UNIVERSE.Yesterday... One comment



Velnski's Blog THANKFUL TO THE GOD........!
Posted by Velnski on 2008-05-11 11:54:14.

I am from the child i beleave in diety means son/daughter of GOD. who is God ? he does not have a body it is supreme SOUL it is creator of the UNIVERSE.The days and years was going on oneday i realize that only GOD is ONE this all the SUPERIOR's whom beleave and name as KRISHNA,JESUS,ALLAH & Guru NANAK.This realty only can knew by your efforts and hard work sensirous about life and if u do the work for others and selfless...! Deffinatly GOD is whatching ure momemnts and he decided to give... 3 comments

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